Xbox One: hardware dissected


Here is a quick initial rundown of the hardware in the Xbox One, which packs a whopping 5 Billion transistors:

CPU 8 Core CPU
Ram 8GB
ODD Blu-ray
I/O USB 3.0
Video Input HDMI Out
Video Output HDMI In
Wireless 802.11n with Wi-Fi Direct

So we can finally and safely say, home consoles have once again been refreshed to compete with the current might of a modern computer.

8 Cores, is a vague term to explain what’s under the hood but my money is on an AMD APU based on the FX series computing architecture with enough power to keep the Xbox One alive for the coming years. While 8GBs of ram is a sure future proofed amount of ram in a gaming system (unless the Windows kernal is power hungry), a safe assumption is to say the ram is GDDR5 which would have a nice clock speed. Update: CPU is actually as predicted, indeed an AMD APU. Although the Ram is DDR3! Quite the head-scratcher!

500GBs sounds like an HDD offering, thats modest in size, albeit a 1TB would of been nicer. USB 3.0 is a much needed feature that was lacking in the original Xbox, causing much of the issues the original Kinect had (low resolution, low fps..etc). The added speed provided by USB 3.0 will allow much higher transfer rates for any future accessories Microsoft may have in store for their new console, and will allow you to transfer content from your  flash memory or portable HDD at a much faster rate. Wireless N is back in this new Xbox, and with Wi-Fi direct support, so expect your mobile device to push content to your HDTV through your Xbox. A bluray player further assists the Xbox One to really be an “all in one” device.

‘HDMI in’ is a feature that pretty much confirms the ability of the Xbox to record content and support window-in-window for you to be able to run your existing receiver through your Xbox.

We will be sure to write more about the Xbox One, once more info is revealed (or leaked, bwahaha).




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