About Us

About Gameoverviews:

GameOverviews (GO) is an online gaming multimedia organisation centered around the community. It delivers news and other video game related content while still casually catering to other vaguely related interests that we see tend to go hand in hand.

GameOverviews was initiated in April 2012 and has since continued to expand in order to provide more and more for its community (the GO community).

Our Values:

While it would be very convenient to slap on a vague label like integrity on the description of our values we instead chose values that can be measured and ones that the community themselves can give us feedback on, and those are:

Credibility: Delivering accurate and precise information and news as well as clearly stating when we are giving our opinion regarding a matter.

Community Driven: GameOverviews was initiated from the start with the intent of taking a community driven approach in which we take the feedback of the community of how we can improve our content to meet their needs, wants and expectations. As such we incourage the entire GO community to get back to us with feedback on how we may improve ourselves as the organisation is meant to cater to them.

Respect: Whether it’s the founders, staff, community, or volunteers. We at GameOverviews believe that despite all our differences in background as well as in preference respect is key to a positive relationship with people and that it is essential when dealing with one another. This is why we at GameOverviews take it upon ourselves to encourage respect and group cohesion within the community and tend to have extremely low tolerance for discrimination and disrespecting others. In the end an opinion or view is never worth fighting over.

Contact us:

If you wish to contact us for any reason, feel free to do so on: Info@GameOverviews.com