Pokemon The Origin, a new animated series based the GameBoy Pokemon


Have you ever got bothered by the discrepancies between the Pokemon games and animated series? Well, you’re not alone, because they use to piss the crap out of me, especially when the series totally ignores the effectiveness system when Pokemon attack each other.

The Japanese Pokemon Youtube channel, gave everyone a ‘jizz in your pants’ moment when they showed a GameBoy running a copy of Pokemon Red which would quickly transform into their latest animation , ‘Pokemon The Origin’, starring Red from our beloved Pokemon Red (Green or Blue, depending on your region and preferences)!  The trailer goes on to show familiar faces such as Brock, Lance, Prof. Oak and Gary (or your obscene word of choice when you decided to name your rival) with ur hero Red and his Charmander. The trailer seems to stay true to the video game, since Gary has has most annoyingly picked a Squirtle (shown as a Blastoise in the trailer).

The graphics in the animation is slightly less cutesy than the original animation and seems more geared towards a gritty look, and hopefully with that a more strict following of the games original rules such as Pokemon types, weaknesses and strengths.

The animation is set for a 2nd of October 2013 launch, with no word yet on an English version. Perhaps the children of our age will be able to find the joy we once had watching the original series.

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2 Comments on "Pokemon The Origin, a new animated series based the GameBoy Pokemon"

  1. Abdulla Subah (@AbdullaSubah) August 18, 2013 at 12:04 PM - Reply

    From the trailer you can see that Geodude is dominating Charmander which should happen in case of equality in levels. I hope the plot will be like the hero lose than try to catch a Pokemon which effect Geodude like Mankey which will be EPIC. The question is, are we going to see the main character beats the Pokemon league? Or he will be a failure just like the INFAMOUS Ash. Nevertheless, looking forward to it keep up the good work and stay active.