Wolfenstein: The New Order

6.5 Overall Score
Story: 6/10
Gameplay: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10


Stealth|Facial Expressions

What if I told you that the strongest nations we’ve ever known, lost to the Nazis.
What if I told you they took over the world with no one to stop them.
It’s a terrifying thought.


STORY 6/10:-

It’s been 3 years since Captain William “B.J.” Blazkowicz last encountered General Wilhelm “Deathshead” Strasse & now it begins again in 1946 when Captain Blazkowicz along with Pilot Fergus Reid and Private Probst Wyatt III plan to stop General Wilhelm once again by raiding a massive fortress containing a weapons laboratory, upon entering the fortress they find a different kind of lab, a Human experimentation lab but in a matter of minutes they find themselves held down and captured by none other than Wilhelm Strasse, given Captain Blazkowicz the choice to stay alive came with a great burden, a burden that Blazkowicz will have to learn to live with, as he tries to escape the fortress by jumping out the window, what he thought was his way out could have easily been the cause of his death but Death was not yet ready to claim his soul.

being a huge fan of the Wolfenstein series I find myself quite impressed with The new order,
Imagine a World ruled by Nazis, a World where the strongest nations ever known have been brought down to their knees.
Having the strongest and most advanced weapons in the hands of Nazis is a terrifying thing, and MachineGames did a great job implementing the story in a way that doesn’t involve Nazis being cast out as supernatural beings, It’s a game that shows you how bad the world would have been if they really did take over (minus the robots & highly advanced weaponry of course).
Knowing the background story of characters is a thing that makes the story quite interesting for me, when I look at a character I want to know the history of that character but then again not all of them deliver the same quality of background stories as you’d hoped for.


The most admirable thing about the game for me is the gameplay, being able to dual wield almost every weapon in the game is fun to have in a game, being able to walk the halls and alleys and shooting down everything that moves like The Terminator or perhaps standing behind cover with those sweet sweet dual wielded weapons and shooting everything coming towards you like Scarface (SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE-) so yeah that’s one great feature in the gameplay, although I would have loved being able to dual wield two different weapons, would’ve been great, given the ability to lean left & right as well as up and down is a good feature to have in an FPS, comes in handy in mWolfenstein-The-New-Order-Gameplay-Featured-1any situations.
Now we talk about stealth, stealth was probably the dumbest thing to have in the game, I love being stealthy at times but this just wasn’t worth the while, there are times when you’re trying to be stealthy where the enemy actually passes by you and doesn’t notice you, or you can stand a couple of meters away from him and he still doesn’t notice you oh and you can sneak up on dogs, sweet huh?
The game offers some weapon upgrades that you could find laying around the levels, and it also has a perk system where basically you complete a certain challenge and you unlock a perk.

Collectibles is a fun addition to the game since it means exploring, and exploring sometimes leads to secrets and those secrets might or might not have amazing items such as a SUPER POWERFUL WEAPON THAT CAN SHO- ehm, i’m sorry I got a little too excited back there, so yeah having the collectibles makes the game a tad more fun especially a collectible called the “Enigma Code”, which if collected you will unlock an extra game mode. Start exploring good sir. Despite the game not having a huge variety of weapons it’s still one of the most enjoyable games this gen.

It’s honestly been a while since I last enjoyed such a good FPS it just gives you the features that other FPS games should have but sadly don’t.

Not having Multiplayer in the game some of you might consider it a waste I say NEIN, just because a game has no multiplayer doesn’t make the game any less fun, I am actually happy they did not introduce multiplayer simply because I haven’t played a game that’s been fully focused on singleplayer for a long time, and finally Wolfenstein brought that to me, having multiplayer means having less content for Singleplayer and overall single player is what keeps me going for the most part.

Just to let everybody know, I didn’t give the gameplay a 7/10 just because the stealth was bad, I lowered it down to 7 because as much as it gives you good features in gameplay, it doesn’t offer you enough to what makes it a unique FPS, if you take away the dual wields and such features that made the gameplay a tad more interesting than games like CoD for example, It would have probably dropped down to a 5.


The game is beautiful in every sense of the word, Graphically it’s very impressive the way everything was designed, weapons look quite detailed, energy weapons such as the laser cutter look beautiful when used and the weapon itself is quite detailed and whenever you find an upgrade you can see Blazkowicz attaching the upgrade to the weapon, I noticed that unlike other games this one tends to focus alot on facial design not that it’s a bad thing, but very little on facial expressions, you never really see proper expressions on the faces of the characters which makes it a tad dull.
You can easily notice how much they put into having lots of shadows in the game, there’s pretty much a shadow of everything in the game

whether you’re underwater, indoors, outdoors there’s always lighting and in this game it’s actually pretty good especially when it has the effects of sparks from a damaged electrical wire or the sunlight coming in through the window, you don’t see much of it because you’re mostly going to be indoors or having to play the levels at night time but when you actually get a glimpse of it you’ll follow your way into the light, well at least that’s what I did, didn’t turn out to be the right way :\ .

On the PC version we suffered from a lot of texture pop-in even when just turning around, which takes away from the overall experience. WaSaBe details that although the game is described as good looking but not a sight to behold, it still seems to put even the new machines to there knees, hogging resources even on lower settings. Alot of reworking is required with the id Tech 5 engine on the PC at this point, it’s a far from impressing us in terms of optimization.

WolfensteinSOUNDS 6/10:-

Gunshots sound normal, nothing really special about that, each gun with it’s different sound when shot. As for the Speech having to go through most of the game hearing German I might have picked up some words, NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN,okay…maybe not, but having the fact that German is spoken throughout most of the game makes the game alot more fun not that having English in it is bad or anything it’s just something we see in every game and even other games give you a different language for a portion of the game and then somehow they memorized the whole English dictionary and start speaking English all of a sudden, oh and Wolfenstein doesn’t come with just German, it comes with Polish too w00t w00t, It’s always nice to have an additional language out there in games, even for a little while it gives a different feel to the game and of course you could always pick up something from that language too, having a game with multiple spoken languages shows that effort has been put to the game unlike some games where they put you to countries like Japan but EVERYBODY speaks English.

Sadly you don’t get to hear alot of background sound in Wolfenstein but that’s fine, you’ll mostly hear gunshots and machinery, they aren’t bad but they’re not the best either, definitely could have been improved.
Voice acting on the other hand is good, hearing the characters express their feelings whether they were happy or sad felt good in this game, once again it’s not the best but heck it’s better than having no voice acting at all.


Story: 6
Gameplay: 7
Graphics: 7

Total: 6.5/10

I recommend this game to anyone who loved the previous Wolfenstein Series or even for fans of FPS.

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