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By DoCWaSaBe, May 19, 2014 0 Unboxing
By DoCWaSaBe, March 30, 2013 0 Unboxing, Videos

  We recently got our greedy hands on a few interesting SteelSeries products, the first of which is the SteelSeries Siberia V2 gaming headset with the Counter Strike Global Offensive theme. Check out the unboxing video below!

By DoCWaSaBe, February 3, 2013 0 Unboxing, Videos

Well well well, if it isn’t the world’s toughest graphics card that manages to strike a critical hit on your wallet! Erm well, kinda the strongest, aside from those zombified 7970 x 2 cards which cost an even bigger fortune and… Read More »

By M3o, December 18, 2012 0 Unboxing, Videos

Here is another gaming monitor for you fellow gamers! Check out DoCWaSaBe’s unboxing of BenQ’s RL2240H 21.5 inch gaming monitor:

By M3o, December 18, 2012 0 Unboxing, Videos

If you are planning on building a small computer which may not be well ventilated,  check out DocWaSaBe’s unboxing of the Noctua’s NH-L9a low profile cooler.

By DoCWaSaBe, November 26, 2012 0 Unboxing, Videos

If you recall my interview with Mr.Rahim (‘GreatFrag’), we checked out the Foris FS2332 at ComiCon Dubai 2012. So IDN was actually kind enough to provide us a unit for us to unbox and review, so check out the unboxing… Read More »

By DooM, November 6, 2012 0 Unboxing, Videos

Well, to show our excitement for Halo 4 we shot an unboxing of the Limited Edition, to show all the Halo fans what they shall have if they get one. Joining us for the unboxing today is Hamoodz from DvLZGaME…. Read More »

By The Arab Gamer, August 27, 2012 1 Unboxing, Videos

WaSaBe is back with yet another unboxing. This time it’s the shiny new blue 3DS XL (Region 1). SOOO PUURTTYY. Look forward to a video review shortly.

By The Arab Gamer, May 17, 2012 2 Unboxing, Videos

Diablo 3, A.K.A the game that everyone has been waiting for since the birth of time, has finally arrived this week and what better way to celeberate D-Week then by unboxing the ‘beastly’ collectors edition. Blizzard knew that it had… Read More »

By DoCWaSaBe, April 19, 2012 0 Unboxing, Videos

Check out the unboxing of one of the most reputable game recording devices on the planet. Big props to Hauppauge &  Mental Games for providing us The HD PVR Gaming Edition.