Diablo 3 Collectors Edition Unboxing

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Diablo 3, A.K.A the game that everyone has been waiting for since the birth of time, has finally arrived this week and what better way to celeberate D-Week then by unboxing the ‘beastly’ collectors edition.

Blizzard knew that it had to deliver big time to it’s fans. So after all that waiting , we can guarantee you that this edition will be filled with all the kinks that would give any fan, a giant demon boner:

  • Full game of Diablo III
  • Diablo Skull statue & 4 GB soulstone memory stick which includes full versions of Diablo II & Diablo II: Lord of Destruction
  • Exclusive in game content (Diablo III – Aesthetic Artifacts, World of Warcraft – Fetish Shaman Pet, StarCraft II – Battle.net Portraits)
  • Behind the scenes on Bluray/DVD
  • Diablo III artbook
  • Diablo III OST

GameOverviews are happy to inform you that we have moved our asses from playing Diablo III to shoot you this unboxing.

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    Very well done guys. Loved the touches of humor and very enthusiastic host.