Wipeout Developers Studio Liverpool (Psygnosis) Shuts Down


Sony has officially shut down Studio Liverpool (formally Psygnosis) who are famous for making the futuristic and gorgeous looking racing series, Wipeout. No real reason has been given as to why it was closed other than the obvious–money.

Admittedly I wasn’t a big fan of their games, but I remember Wipout being big. Just about every PSONE owner I knew had it and it kept going up until the PSP’s launch. Its popularity was a force to be reckoned with and managed to go head to head with the Mario Kart series. It also had probably the best looking menu ever made. Sadly,  those weren’t enough to keep it going especialy in a genere that isn’t as popular anymore. Mind you, this won’t mean the end of the Wipeout. Many IP’s such Mortal Kombat have survived after the closure of their previous company.

Regardless, it’s still a sad time to see a studio with it’s long long legacy and talent close down.

Good luck to your future endeavors.

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