Wiinception! How the Wii U Will Handle Backwards Compatibility


Let’ face it, we always found it a hassle to play Gamecube games on our Wii. Those who bought the console without owning a GC itself needed to buy an extra controller and memory card just to play games on it. What made it even more frustrating was how you always had to navigate the menu using the Wiimote hoping the controller had enough juice to get to the disc menu. It seems the same will follow with the Wii U except this time it will be a bit more…interesting.

To save time (and maybe some headaches) Nintendo decided to go for a quick and dirty approach by porting the whole Wii system menu into an app on the Wii U menu. That means every time you wish to play a Wii game you would need start the Wii U, open the Wii app, and use another system menu to play Wii/Wiiware games.

A console within a console

That really doesn’t frustrate me that much. What does boil my bottom is how Nintendo won’t be making use of the Wii U console itself. All Wii games will be played at 480i/480p max and cannot be played on the Wii U gamepad. That. Just. Sucks. I was really looking forward to playing the Last Story on the gamepad while lying on my couch, instead I’ll be forced to tilt my massive head to the left. Why can’t things be perfect?!

Check this link if you have any more questions regarding the Wii U straight from Nintendo. Make sure to switch on your English translation app.

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