Wii U System Menu is Now Officially Called “WarraWarra” Plus other Info

warra warra

Nintendo is spilling the beans with more Wii U details than ever before.

Starting off, the Wii U’s system menu is now officially called “WarraWarra” which is Japanese for busy crowd. The name was apparently chosen due to popular demand by fans from previous Wii U conferences. Nintendo has also released a video showing the menu the action. The system will also allow up to 12 users accounts, yay! The accounts will be assigned to custom Mii’s that will keep track record of game log, save data, and other stuff. This of course is a big step up from the Wii which mainly used Mii’s to manage save data on different titles.

In regards to the Wii U Pro Controller, Nintendo has claimed that it can run up to “80 hours on one single charge” with will only 4.2 hours to fully charge giving players longer play sessions.

The most interesting news however has to be digital distribution. NeoGaf members have discovered a list of Japanese titles that will be available from day 1. The only concern now is space which, unfortunately, the Wii U lacks. To top it off, the Wii U’s internal memory cannot be upgraded so once you pick a model your’re stuck with it. On the bright side, the Wii U does support SD cards up 32 GB giving premium members up to 64 GB memory. The games also don’t appear to be big size with NSMBU 2 being 2 GB & Nintendo Land 3.2 GB.

Now one thing I did notice in the video is how people can share both text & drawings…yea, you know where this is going. So how is Nintendo planning on saving all those children from phallic imagery? Mods, of course. Nintendo will be monitoring the hell out the service to insure as few on screen genitals as possible. I can only imagine the pain these mods will have to endure. Going home every night, twitching, lying in their bed, and poorly drawn naked Mario’s swimming in their heads.

Thanks a lot to IGN for their in depth look at their Wii U.

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