New XBOX reveal on the 26th of April?


What with the new PS4 being announced and there has been a lot of buzz regarding the new consoles and how they would compare against one another. Especially since many of the people who tuned in to the Sony conference a few days earlier felt irritated since Sony failed to announce anything truly concrete about the PS4 let alone reveal the actual console. Even though I personally think it’s only natural to expect Sony to save the actual console for E3 since if they did not Microsoft would very probably steal the show (Which a fair number of friends and colleagues seemed to think the very same thing). Needless to say though, there has been a LOT of talk regarding the matter. This sort of talk is normally accompanied by rumors.

“But what does all this have to do with the title of this article?” you may ask.

Well, a colleague of mine came across this rumor on VG247 regarding rumors of the new XBOX 720 being revealed on April 26, this according to a tweet by Rob Crossley from CVG  who has cited a trusted source of his.

Both VG247 and CVG had already suggested that there would be an April event according to their source so this lends credence to the rumors.


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