What you need to know about Revengeance’s characters


We have received an e-mail from our friends at Pluto Games containing new information about the upcoming Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. This information holds some quite interesting stuff for those who are interested into knowing more about the characters of Revengeance. The following is a briefing of what you need to know about some of the exciting characters of the game (click on the images to enlarge them):


Raiden (voiced by Quinton Flynn) is the guy you all adore. He used to be called “Jack the ripper” as a child had then become an experiment for the Patriots’ “S3 Plan”. The Patriots had turned him into a cyborg ninja and then he decided to go against them as seen in MGS4. Following his victory, he joined “Maverick Security” to help protect his family.

Samuel Rodrigues:

Samuel Rodrigues (voiced by Philip Anthony-Rodriguez) is a PMC (known as “Desperado Enforcement”) cyborg swordsman who uses the same blade as Raiden’s. He predicts Raiden’s moves in battle and goes on commenting that Raiden doesn’t use his weapon as it should be used.


LQ-84i AKA Bladewolf (voiced by Michael Beattie) is an important character to the game’s story. This robot has an incredibly smart AI that can actually “learn”. He is sent by Desperado to fight and kill Raiden. Although it is against his will, his refusal will result in his memory to be completely wiped.


Sundowner (voiced by Crispin Freeman) is the “virtual” leader of Desperado Enforcement. As a cyborg, he has a stronger body compared to other cyborgs. He is a member of a group called “Winds of Destruction”. Sundowner is equipped with a huge machete known as Bloodlust, which happens to be high frequency as well.


Mistral (voiced by Salli Saffioti) is a female cyborg, one of the “Winds of Destruction” group. She uses a flexible weapon called “Etranger” which can be used as a whip and a halberd when stiffed. She looks just a bit similar to Screaming Mantis from Guns of The  Patriots.


Monsoon (voiced by John Kassir) is the third and last member of the “Winds of Destruction” group and works for Desperado. He mastered using his magnetic sai called “Dystopia” and can split/break his body apart.

As if the trailers weren’t exciting enough, these new details about the characters in the game sure makes it a tad harder for us to wait any longer. From the sound of it, those “Winds of Destruction” must be a pain in the behind to deal with. Slicing a guy that can break his body apart? Yeah, good luck with that…

Pluto Games – (E-mailed on 29/11/2012)
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