Virtual Reality that you can see, hear, feel and smell.


While we are still a long time away from true VR that will trigger the exact emotions you feel in real life, this Japanese invention has put us one step closer to it.

This Virtual Reality device will give you a tour of markets, popular locations around the world and a run in the shoes of an athlete. The device utilizes a chair that moves, pedals that give your legs feedback, fans to blow on you, a machine to produce different smells, an HMD (head mounted display, similar to the Oculus Rift) and audio headsets.  Once you combine all these senses together I believe the feedback your brain gives you could be very exciting!

The system currently utilizes pre-existing videos to take you through the tours, but as gamers I’m sure we all hope games are integrated with the system as a next step. Imagine how it would feel to be in the body of Kratos! Only downer is all the blood and death you will smell… Off switch anyone? Check out the full video below

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