Ubisoft E3 2012 and 2013 comparisons


In 2012 Ubisoft took the metaphorical dump on every other Pre-E3 press conference show casing it’s 3 amazing  titles: Assasin’s Creed 3(at least we all thought so for this one back at E3 2012), Far Cry 3, and Watch Dogs. There was a whole lot of substance to the games show-cased and After seeing last years Microsoft conference, Ubisoft  came as a very welcome surprise.

It was to my GREAT disappointment when the first half-hour was filled with what honestly felt like a prank gone bad and was followed up with a promise of “next-gen” only to see a game with worse graphics than current gen (I am referring to The Crew) and with In game physics that isn’t all too special either.

The only thing I did enjoy was that brief show of  South Park: The Stick of Truth along with the Negasaki Fart technique (that actually had the whole Bahrain team in stitches).

So yeah All in all not a good start. Let’s see what else they have to offer though. As of this immediate time, I am still unhappy with the amount of substance provided as I did not see any actual confirmed gameplay footage.

*Update at 2:23 KSA timing* The Division ends the world as we knows it but saves Ubisoft from being an Utter Failure

Up until I saw the trailer for The Division, I was seriously disappointed. Now the Division showed what was suggested to be real gameplay footage (not pre-rendered) as they did show someone using a controller but given the number of times Ubisoft suggested that the awsome graphics I was seeing at E3 end up being nothing close to the actual gameplay graphics *cough* Assassins Creed 3 *cough* Ahem, so yeah… It seemed like an over all good idea with a huge load of potential.

If the games plays well enough like the way it was showcased It might be worth playing.

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