Ubisoft sends phone to Gears of War Dev. Could this be viral marketing for Watch Dogs?

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Epic Games veteran and Gears of War dev, Cliff Bleszinski, has recently been touring Paris to meet some locals. He even managed to have lunch with Heavy Rain creator, David Cage. It’s pretty much business as usual until he received mysterious package at his hotel room.

Cliff Bleszinski so far is the only one who’s gotten it.

When it comes to Ubisoft and phones, the only thing that can come to mind (aside Gameloft) is the highly teased/anticipated game, Watch Dogs. Anyone who was watched the fabulous E3 demo would notice the main protagonist manipulate his surrounding by hacking electronic devices using a mobile phone.

This is of course is pure speculation but seeing as how Watch Dogs uses themes of espionage and conspiracy theories then this could essentially be some form of viral  marketing. Maybe a secret message that leads to a new trailer?

Alternatively Ubisoft could be having Rayman waiting on the other line, breathing heavily just to yell “YO DABEDO!” followed by hanging up. It really is a 50/50 chance.

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