Trickster Online EndGame?


Trickster Online USA announced on their facebook page that the game will finally have It’s servers Laid to rest on 27th/Feb/2013. A game so beautiful should not be shut down, The Trickster community are upset about the sad announcement especially after spending so much time on the game, some of which started playing the game since it’s release back in 2006 until this very day! According to the fans “Trickster” Isn’t “Just” a game, it’s unlike any MMO you’ve played, a lot of those fans made friends through Trickster and some just played the game to forget about problems they had. All of the gamers out there say how Video games changed their life in a specific way, A friend of mine has his own message to the Trickster community And to the Developers behind Trickster on how this game changed his life:-

Farewell Trickster …you changed my life, you gave me the will to break the shell I was stuck in and get to know a lot of friends

That is but one of the hundreds of comments out there.. The Community has also made a group on Facebook called Project: Rebirth of Memories That aims to revive this beloved game, The group has published a link that  includes a petition by Eric Z that also aims to revive “Trickster”. So guys, for those of you who care for the game, sign the petition and like the facebook Page, let’s support the revival and hopefully, share the Petition & The Group! -A Warm Thank You from Both The Trickster Community & From Me!

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