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A good start for next-gen shooters, having Jetpacks, wallruns and Mechs all in one game sure makes one heck of a game, All my life i’ve been wanting to play a shooter that gives you more than running and gunning, sure a couple of shooters delivered more than the simplicity of shooter games, for example Battlefield is a game that focuses on Teamwork rather than being a lone wolf that will eventually be spotted by a sniper and get hit in the face with a rocket with no one around to revive you..so yeah in Titanfall you can combine wallrunning with gunning and jetpacking, when you’re in a Titan and it’s about to blow up, it’s not the end for you..unless you stay in there hoping that you’d survive, that’s not a way to keep yourself alive, so remember to eject yourself out and YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAW!! you’re out there on your merry way, so far it seems to be such a great multiplayer game.

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