The Witness


Sony today showcased what I consider a very interesting set of titles and gimmicks prepared for the now officially announced PS4, among them was Witness, which was a surprisingly interesting Open World puzzle based game. Now why do I say surprisingly? The game was showcased right after two significantly explosive action packed games, and was introduced in a manner that felt more like an excuse rather than a genuine reason. The game was explained to have a much smaller open world than other games that focused on showing off the scale of the game due to the fact that it wanted to immerse the players more on the puzzles and the experience. Oddly enough I felt it made sense…

So after having a look at the trailer I actually felt that it was a nice change of pace, though I am awaiting the final product dubiously as last year has taught me very much that things are RARELY what they seem to be when showcased. Lets hope for the best though, new year new page and all that!

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