The Witcher 3 No QTEs


As a huge fan of The Witcher I bring you this news with a huge smile and a broken heart

The reason behind the smile is the fact that The Witcher 3 has been announced and It will feature things differently than the first two Witcher games.

CDProjektRed broke my heart when they announced The Witcher 3 being the last in the series, so sad.

The Witcher 3 will not have any quick time events BUT Geralt is said to be more agile than ever before, oh and he can also CLIMB AND JUMP!!! WOHOOO! sorry I got a bit too excited there.

The new combat mechanics will allow you to target specific parts of monsters, not to forget that Geralt will have alot of abilities in this new and last Installment and will also be able to hunt wild animals for materials such as furs and claws.

One of the unique abilities that Geralt has is color-coding nearby enemies that will Allow him to prepare for fights.

You can travel around the world of Witcher 3 by either a horse or a boat, This should be fun.

The Witcher 3 Is set to release in 2014 on all next-gen consoles to give a chance for everybody to experience one of the best RPGs.



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