The Truth Hurts: World Ends With You Teaser Was Only For iOS Port (Trailer)


**UPDATE**: The game is out on the app store for $17.99.

Oh, gravity. You can be such a prick sometimes, you know. You have constantly given me the false illusion of flying only to realise that I slipped in the bathtub again. I hate you gravity. You know what else I hate? FALSE HOPE!

In what seemed to be a hype counter to The World Ends With You sequel only ended up being an iOS port. Look, I know there were rumors based on the supposed leak but I mean why go through all that trouble just to hype an iOS port. Square Enix knows we want a sequel yet we ended up getting trolled–kinda.

Did you notice something? Since this is coming on an iOS it means there’s no second screen. In order to compensate for that both characters will appear on the same battle as opposed to having them dueling seperatly at the same time. This could be a good thing because it means less head aches but it also might get rid of the tension. Other changes include a new OST, and higher res sprites. The game is out now in Japan and no English release date has yet been announced.

I’m not entirely disappointed by this but I really wish this was a sequel. I just feel that Japan is slowly stepping away from growing new IP’s and more into the realms of HD remakes and remasters. I’m getting sick and tired of paying for games I’ve played. I want something new, yo!

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  1. Bob August 27, 2012 at 9:17 AM - Reply

    Darn it.