The Phantom Pain is Metal Gear Solid V (Project Ogre)?


O’ my nano-machines! Apparently, “The Phantom Pain” game displayed earlier at the VGA’s is most likely Metal Gear Solid V(5). The title itself is actually a term. It is used to describe some sort of pain felt from a non-existing part of a body, often a cut-off limb.

First of, the trailer starts with the protagonist lying down in a hospital and “hallucinating white petals” as pointed out by a NeoGaf user called whitemex88. The protagonist in that teaser looked a whole lot like Big Boss or Naked Snake. The hair, the complexion, the facial details, and even the sprint is quite identical to Big Boss’. Heck, even his right eye was covered!

Then there is this levitating guy that kinda suggests “Psycho Mantis” at first sight and a man standing in the fire that looks like “Volgin” from MGS3. Not to mention how the style of the trailer is so similar to what we are used to from Mr. Kojima. “No Escape”? “No Where to hide”? Eh? EH?

As for the title, if you look closely you will notice some lines and holes. Apparently, they perfectly fit “Metal Gear Solid V” as beautifully showcased by a NeoGaf user called Sn4ke_911 (Check out NeoGaf’s thread for more speculations):

Another interesting thing is, well, the development team. It is the Swedish “Moby Dick Studio”. The studio’s website states that it is founded by a man named Joakim Mogren. You know that Mr. Kojima is up to no good here, right? Look at that name carefully. Joakim… Joa.. kim.. It is an anagram! Rearrange those letters and you’ll get Kojima. What about the last name? Mogren… M.. ogre.. n? Yup, it has “ogre” in it as in the “Project Ogre” thing. This might suggest that MGS5 is actually Mr. Kojima’s Project Ogre. However, even the studio’s existence is still in question.

As for my personal analysis to what haven’t been pointed out yet (from what I have read at least), the start of the trailer shows Big Boss with some guy in a car with its steering wheel on the right side and then there is this Great Britain flag in the previously mentioned hospital. This strongly suggests that something is happening in Britain. Also, I was surprised how no one had mentioned that freakishly huge Metal Gear at the end of the trailer. I mean, I know it isn’t officially a metal gear, but… C’mon! Just like what Mr. Kojima asked us to do in the trailer: “Open Your Eyes Already!” Also, I have a strong feeling that the name “Moby Dick” will actually have something to do with the whale-like Metal Gear in this one.

Unfortunately, I can’t embed a trailer here until it is officially released to the public. This post will be updated as soon as we get our hands on the trailer. Meanwhile, you can check out the trailer here.

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