The OUYA gets it’s first unboxing and preview!


The console that’s smaller than your coffee mug, finally get’s an unboxing, albeit the developers kit.

Kickstarters who opted for the early option got the transparent version of the console, which doesn’t run the final software (duh), but more importantly isn’t using the latest hardware design. An interesting concept of loading batteries from the front to balance the controller was shown off, I wonder how that will work out! I’m all for it for long as the cover doesn’t pop off if my hand slipped.

Nothing was shown after the OUYA was plugged in, aside from the boot screen, consisting of the the OUYA logo.

At this point I will be scouring the net to see how much juice this tiny box can give out, I estimate it to give not much more than tablets running the Tegra 3, but as some users have mentioned the Tegra 3 will not have to clock down to conserve battery life (IE will not sacrifice performance for battery life). To top that off, I most definitely expect modders to overclock the heck out of this thing and increase the fan speed. To top that off, I bet some may make custom housings for the OUYA and bigger fans to even go further with the overclocking, but of course there will always be a limit where overclocking stops making sense. On the other side of the spectrum, it would be awesome to see modders, underclock and remove the fan to replace it with some passive cooling (noise free)! I think this would make a fun little project for me!

So, to view an estimated potential of the power of the console, check this Tegra 3 ad below.




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