The GO-Cast: Episode 16 “GTA8 on Linux?”


WaSaBe and Hamood talk about many topics including the possibility of a future GTA including all the previous GTA maps, and the Steambox is running on Linux!


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We mention in the podcast that there are now many nice options for smaller cases, and WaSaBe mentioned his living room PC that he built a while back:


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2 Comments on "The GO-Cast: Episode 16 “GTA8 on Linux?”"

  1. Blackie December 29, 2012 at 11:44 AM - Reply

    About the developer of Hot line miami , the same thing happened with an indie game called McPixel. The developer of McPixel claimed that he didn’t make the game for money. I was happy for moment ! thinking that developers at last began to think in that way , but then..i realized , why didn’t he just made the game for free in the first place ?

    McPixel was even on the homepage of ( a very well-known torrent site ). Many of the comments on the the pirated game said : ” Omg this developer deserves to be paid ! i feel ashamed for wanting to pirate this game.”

    So are these developers really being nice or , are they making pirates to buy their games ?!

    • DoCWaSaBe January 1, 2013 at 3:06 PM - Reply

      Hamoodz on the podcast was agreeing with you that ‘why not make it free’.
      I think they want the cash, aside from NEED the cash to survive and make new games. I believe they also realize that you can’t combat piracy when you are a single Indie developer, so they just go with the flow and get the community to like them and then some of those people will feel like they need to support the developer and buy the game.