The Arab Gamer Episode 4: Arabs in Videogames

Arab gamer episode 4 post

Let’s be honest, Arabs in videogames aren’t exactly treated properly.

Are we forever doomed to be pirates, terrorists, and angry bearded men? Find out in the new episode of The Arab Gamer.

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One Comment on "The Arab Gamer Episode 4: Arabs in Videogames"

  1. Musa June 3, 2012 at 7:38 PM - Reply

    I agree with Altair, he’s a great character, but for some reason ALOT of people I know don’t really like him. Regardless of people’s opinion about race, their argument is that he’s a poorly written character and not like able.

    But I don’t see that, I mean in the beginning yeah he’s a complete tool, but that was the point, as you play the game you’re supposed to GROW with him. He becomes wiser, calmer, kinder. And he single handedly saved the Assassin’s Guild from destruction and gave them their finest age.
    I don’t understand how thats a bad thing….