Sui Generis: the indie RPG that will change all


Sui Generis is a unique open world RPG/dungeon crawler game that I have never seen before. Advance AI, amazing physics that bring battles to life, and gamplay that depends more on your skills than anything else. In short its the kinda genre that isn’t taken as seriously anymore, especially on the PC.

You see many kickstarter games these days which mostly tend to be remakes of older games. Sui Generis on the other hand is an original title that may lead other developers to change the way they think about there games.

If you find this game interesting then don’t wait, support the kickstarter and its only 10 pounds for the full game. The Kickstarter for this game has only reached £40,742 out of it’s £150,000 target, so spread the word!

Update: The project has 3 days left and has reached £97,018 our of the £150,000 target, GameOverviews has pledged an amount to the kickstarter and we urge you all to do so if you are interested in the game! If the game doesn’t reach it’s target, all the money they have gathered will not be processed to the developers!


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