Sorcery – Preview (MEFCC Dubai 2012)


First debuted in E3 2010, Sorcery was noted as THE game to own a Playstation Move. It would allow players to take the role of a young wizard while using the Move peripheral to cast magic and master the elements. When I heard that there was a booth at MEFCC 2012, I knew I had to check it out.

The demo was based on the Dec 2011 build and allowed me to play 2 different levels. The first level took place in a cave which focused primarily on environment and exploration. It allowed me to manipulate pillars and create paths (although most of these were done via a quick time events) while zapping some bad guys along the way. It felt a bit empty and lacking as it clocked in about 3 minutes. The second level one the other hand was a much more enjoyable experience…

Let me be clear that I am not too fond of motion controls. Games that use it tend to be a hit or miss, sometimes disastrous. A perfect example is Skyward Sword,  I personally hated the controls and I would have honestly preferred playing it on a gamepad. So when I heard that Sorcery was attempting to follow this route (except with a wand) I knew I had to be a bit cautious.

So what did I think of it?

Not bad, but still not 1:1. Similar to Skyward Sowrd, certain swings didn’t register properly causing me to feel like some deranged drunk who is desperately trying to break his bottle. A few calibrations improved the situation, but it still felt a bit off. However, looking past these problems I found the game surprisingly enjoyable. As seen in the video above, I really had fun doing combo spells (wind and fire = fiery tornado!). Best of all the gameplay didn’t feel overly complicated as the gestures and magic swapping were simple and easy to understand. The fable like visuals were also a nice touch that gave the game an  Irish-medieval vibe that didn’t want to make to make a strong emphasis on realism.

After finishing both levels, I was left wanting more. I hope that the final version will tweak those minor issues I had and give us a reason to keep our Move controllers charged and ready.

The game is expected to arrive on  May 23, 2012. If you’ll excusing be, it’s time for my imaginary zapping session…


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