Sonic Adventure 2 HD Gets Announced In front of Crazy Sonic Fans


SEGA seems to be continuing its Heritage digital collection by bringing  Sonic Adventure 2 HD to XBLA and PSN this fall. While this news may not make you want to jump your seat, you would interested to know that others will be more than happy to donate one of their kidneys…

SO, yea.

SEGA decided to make the official announcement at Sonic Boom 2012–one of the major sonic conventions that happen every year which apparently coincided with the San Diego Comicon. Okay, I’m sorry, but did anyone else notice one of the fans yelling “Sonic Riders”. I mean, really? Why would anyone want to look forward to a sequel to that crummy piece of shit? I just aahhh

But in all fairness, Sonic Adventure 2 HD is something to be a bit excited for. This was after all the last Sonic title to come on a SEGA console and is regarded by many to be the last great Sonic game, before well…the dark times.

“No one smacks my bitch…”


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2 Comments on "Sonic Adventure 2 HD Gets Announced In front of Crazy Sonic Fans"

  1. T.K. The Hedgehog July 15, 2012 at 11:36 PM - Reply

    lmao Sonic Adventure 2 WAS the last good 3D sonic game (or sonic game period)

    Wheres sonic adventure 3???