Silent Hill HD Patch Cancelled on Xbox 360

I know that feeling bro

The Silent Hill HD patch recently went live on PS3 which offered a ton of fixes to what many considered a “broken game”. Oddly enough, Xbox 360 users were lucked out as Konami made a statement that the patch won’t be arriving on the system.

Plans for an Xbox 360 title update have been cancelled due to technical issues and resources,

While some are quick to blame Konami, it should be noted that Fez went through a similar delima when Microsoft refused to release a patch due to budget concerns. Whether if it’s Konami or Microsoft fault’s, it doesn’t really matter–although Konami probably shouldn’t have lost the source code. But who cares! In the end this just sucks.

I share my sympathy to all 360 users who were hoping to get a fixed version to a game they bought.



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