Shinji Mikami’s Mysterious Survival Horror Title Is Due Out Next Year


Shinji Mikami will finally be making his return to the survival horror scene with Project Zwei (which means two in German). For all those who don’t know, Shinji Mikami was pretty much the man who defined the survival horror genre creating classics such Resident Evil (both the original and remake),  Dino Crisis, and my personal favorite, Resident Evil 4. So far no real info has been given regarding the title’s story, gameplay mechanic, etc. All we have is concept art which you can take a look at here. The game will be published under Bethesda’s wing but will solely be directed and handled by Shinji Mikami. What’s really getting me jittery though is how the team managed to get the legendary CGI artist behind the Resident Evil remake–a title I highly consider unregarded due to its limited platform release.

Equally as interesting, the lead CGI artist from Biohazard Rebirth’s environments will be acting as lead environment artist of this project. Rebirth is widely considered one of the most atmospheric titles of all time. All things considered, Project Zwei looks to be a stand out title in every regard. While no platform has been set, it is said to be arriving in the later portion of 2013. Check back for more information as it becomes available.

This will also be the last game Shinji Mikami will ever direct,  setting the expectation bar really high. Will it be the return of Survival Horror? Well, I can already feel my body fluids acting restless just by looking at this concept art.

Creepy concept art

With this and Suda 51’s assassin title, it seems 2013 may be the year Japanese games make a big comeback. I certainly can’t wait for it.

Project Zwei Official Page
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