Seth Killian Joins Sony’s Santa Monica Studios


Ex-Capcom employee and Street Fighter vetran, Seth Killian, has now found a new job and Sony’s Santa Monica studios–the guys mostly know for the God of War series.

Seth gave an opening letter on the official Playstation blog expressing his love and passion towards the diverse company.

There are other amazing studios in the world, but nowhere else that I know where you can find that kind of diversity combined with such a deep commitment to greatness–which also happens to sum up what’s so exciting to me about Sony overall.

Seth also gave in his impression regarding the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale–which the studio happens to be handling as well.

Fighting games are very close to my heart, and as someone that’s spent much of my life with traditional fighters, All-Stars has been a great opportunity to take a step back and rethink fighting fundamentals from the ground up

All-Stars is also a total love-letter to Sony fans. From the characters, to their special moves, to the incredible level 3 supers, and the stages themselves, I’m not sure there’s ever been such a giant dose of fan-service in Sony history.

With Seth’s fighting guru knowledge, we can assume the dev team will receive more insight on how to make a balanced, fun, addicting, and non-fan complaining brawler.


Playstation blog via Neogaf


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