Rumor: WiiU Will Use A VMU-like Device


It seems the rumors surrounding the WiiU won’t stop coming! It was revealed today, that aside from the thumb stick upgrade, the WiiU will also be using a device called ‘Gamer Card’ that will work similarly like a VMU from the Sega Dreamcast.

Here are the features we know so far:

  • Street pass that can read other Game Cards and 3DS systems. It will also have the ability to connect to Nintendo WiFi
  • Display will be a low res LCD screen
  • GBA style graphics
  • It will be included with each WiiU system
  • You can buy them separately for $5 or 10$

While all of this sounds exciting, it does worry me that Nintendo may be abusing the environment a bit too much. We have to charge the WiiU tablet, Wii Remotes need AA batteries, and now this thing. I just hope they manage it properly so they won’t get flagged again. In the meantime, you can stare at this page and wait in anticipation as Nintendo’s big E3 show draws closer.


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One Comment on "Rumor: WiiU Will Use A VMU-like Device"

  1. Bob May 22, 2012 at 5:25 PM - Reply

    I’d love customized mini games like the original VMU.