Strider (2014)

5.5 Overall Score
Story: 3/10
Gameplay: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Fun Gameplay|Lovely graphics

Poor Storyline|Bad Voice acting

Finally Strider is back and ready to kick some butt, or is he?

When I first heard that strider is coming back I was so excited until I found out that it was actually a reboot!

But even then I thought why not give it a try? I’m not gonna lose anything and boy oh boy did I enjoy the game, the storyline doesn’t bring much interest into the game while the gameplay on the other hand was quite fun!

Story (3/10):


The story wasn’t anything special really. It’s the usual, where the bad guy wants to conquer the world and complains how the human race is imperfect blah blah blah, claiming to be a God, he wants to create the “perfect race” and all that non-sense. As usual, like any other story that goes like that , the hero, or in this case Ninja, tries to stop him; but, of course it doesn’t go easy for him as some of the enemies that worship Meio (The Villain) stand in Hiryuu’s path trying to prevent him from reaching their boss. While on the other hand some of the people in the city actually wanna get rid of  Meio, so they decide to help Hiryuu.

Like I said, nothing special about the story. I personally don’t really like story lines as simple as “Villain wants to take over the world, Hero kills Villain, The End”.

Gameplay (7/10):

Ahh, now for the gameplay, it’s what I enjoyed the most about this game. In spite of the fact that it isn’t as fast paced as the previous Strider games, this one is still actually quite fun to play. A couple of things changed from the previous Strider games, which I’m really satisfied about. Then again, there are other things that I wish were still here.
The gameplay starts out normal with you just mashing the attack button to kill anyone who stands in front of you, because you can’t really do much at first except that…and well..jump.







After a while, you get these upgrades and abilities that will make the game much more fun by using the different abilities you get, and having to use them on the different enemies you encounter. I was really hoping for some weapons upgrades and ability upgrades, yet the only upgrades available are health, energy and Kunai, but heck I suppose it’s better than nothing. I was also hoping to get an ability that can speed up my character, make him run super fast, but I guess that’s not there either :'(.







The game gives you this huge map that you can explore to find different secrets and unlock concept art, story intel, and sometimes even costumes for Hiryu. Of course, you can only access certain areas in the map after acquiring specific abilities, so basically if you’re going for collectibles then you’ll be revisiting some areas quite often.







Sounds (5/10):

Like any other game the sounds are just normal, throughout the whole game you hear the music in the background while your enemies fall before your blade screaming of pain as you MOVE NON-STOP SPAMMING THE ATTACK BUTTON DEFLECTING ENEMY PROJECTILES AND- ehm, sorry I got a bit carried away there.

The soundtracks in the game are not bad, infact some of them are actually quite good, they don’t hype you up nor will they bore you out.

One thing I’d like to point at is the voice acting. Now this is an odd thing to review isn’t it? Well not really, but anyways, I decided to add this because the voice acting is bad. There, I said it. It’s like Double Helix didn’t even bother with the voice actors. I think they just hired anyone who could talk and they were like BOOM VOICE ACTING DONE! I hope that if Double Helix decides to make another strider game they would at least put more effort into it. We’re not asking for famous voice actors, we just want to listen to the dialogue without laughing or facepalming. But in the end I guess having voices is better than having no voices at all.

Graphics (7/10):

Graphically, the game is lovely, but some areas are just too dark for you to see anything. I had to turn up the brightness a couple of times just because I wanted to know where I was going, Although I was hoping for things like sun rays and stuff but I can’t really have everything now can I?

Occasionally, you get to see weather changes like rain and…well I guess only rain..ehm… One thing the game got me graphically is when you’re fighting enemies and using your different abilities. It becomes a bit flashy, which is actually kind of nice. All in all, the graphics are pretty good, and if you ever play it you’ll know what I mean by flashy.







For fans of the previous strider games I recommend you give this game a try. Despite the bad story line, the game is actually quite fun to play.



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