Hitman Absolution

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8.0 Overall Score
Story: 7/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 9/10

soundtracks, story, gameplay, graphics, Contracts mode

few glitches

The best game the genre has to offer and the best in the Hitman series.

The Story *Minor Spoilers*

The plot behind this Hitman game  is more interesting than ever before. The game took a few twist in ways that if you’ve played the previous releases of the game you might actually be a bit surprised, it isn’t what you usually see in games or movies of this genre but it had a pretty nice ring to it as Agent 47 gets a contract to kill a woman named ‘Nadia’ ‘Diana’, she is one of the very few people that Agent 47 ever trusted and was also told not to take the contract personally, The death of Nadia drove Agent 47 towards a new goal that led him to betray & leave the Agency to protect to a girl and change her life from being a living hell.


Gameplay in Hitman is pretty unique, it really isn’t your everyday spying game because this one actually requires patience, creativity & strategy, you can’t just bust in a room and start spraying and praying all around. In order to actually be a successful assassin, you need to be a bit creative in killing your target, don’t get me wrong you can just shoot them and get it over with but I actually love to kill in different ways, you have an unimaginable amount of ways to actually kill people, you can either shoot them, bash their heads with objects, poison them, burn them, blow them up, etc etc etc… and one of the main things about the gameplay is the disguises, you can’t really disguise as anyone expect to get anywhere you want, different areas require different disguises and some of them are actually hard to get, you can’t simply walk in with any disguise on, like I said..Creativity. The gameplay featured alot more than what I have expected like blending in with others and using Instinct for various things such as locating your enemies (you might think this just made the game easier, but it didn’t)


The graphics were excellent with minor glitches here and there so overall it’s very good. The lighting in the game was actually impressive in terms of both gameplay and cutscenes. Small details were refined, shiny objects such as knives, guns and stuff actually shine if hit by sunlight or a lamp or other sources of illumination. Shooting people might not always look as realistic but it’s still fun to watch (funny face reactions), at times when you actually stab, garrote or subdue your targets you actually feel the reality in it, kill the person and you might just might feel sorry for the guy, oh oh and i forgot to mention..HIS BALD HEAD ACTUALLY SHINES AT TIMES!! which is actually pretty awesome.

Total: 8/10 (Great)

Who should get this?

  • Fans of the Hitman series
  • Whoever likes spying games
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2 Comments on "Hitman Absolution"

  1. Haitham Ahmed November 26, 2012 at 7:03 PM - Reply

    Good review so far.
    “Agent 47 gets a contract to kill a woman named ‘Nadia’”
    Her name is Diana, not Nadia.

    This game is actually the easiest in the series imo. Absolution is great but there are many times were the game gets linear and some of the missions were quite small, but there are a lot of variety on how to assassinate your target like poisoning their meal, push him over the oil drum or the good old “snipe him out from a long distance”.

    The disguise system really needed some work though, it gets really annoying when every guard in the area can compromise you, in like 5 seconds, even from a long distance, especially on harder difficulties where you get less or no instincts.

    Apart from my complaints, it’s still a great stealth-action game but not the best in the series. Blood Money is the best Hitman game in the series imo.

    • BrokenMirrors November 28, 2012 at 6:50 PM - Reply

      Thank you for the fix and sorry for the mistake, your opinion matters and i respect it and i am also glad you liked the review, i loved Blood Money but i found this one to be more interesting.
      Your opinion is respected.