PSVITA V 1.8 Locks PSN Account To Memory Card

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It seems the the new PSVITA update has brought some sneaky little surprises. According to a user at NeoGaf, PSVITA owners who update to v 1.8 aren’t allowed to change PSN user names without formatting their memory card. The PSVITA is limited to one user and the only way to go around that was to sign in and out of different accounts. The new update now locks the PSN ID to the memory card  and cannot be changed without formatting the entire thing–talk about extreme.

The memory card inserted in your system is linked with the following Sony Entertainment Network account.
[account name]
To use the memory card with your PS Vita system you must format the memory card.
If you format the memory card, all data on the memory card will be deleted.

[Cancel] [Format]

I think the reason behind this is pretty obvious. Sony doesn’t want PSVITA users to share data among each other similar to the PS3. But this sort of thing is kinda taking it to a whole new level. I’m thinking of how siblings and roommates can no longer share it thanks to this new update.

“Get your own PSVITA, bitch! I don’t want you messing with my trophies.”

It could also be the case of anti-piracy, but still I feel that all this security is making everything more complicated. If this kind of restriction is already happening to handhelds then I’m scared to see what next gen consoles will bring.

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