PSVITA Remote Play Now Supports God of War Collection & Ico/SOTC


Looking for a reason to play on your Vita? Good, cause so am I. After months of teasing and watching other people play PS3 games on their Vita, Sony has finally updated its remote play features to support two good games (even though they’re HD remakes).

God of War Collection (not to be confused with God of War Saga) and ICO/Shadow of the Collossus can finally be experienced with the TV off! Toilet seat, here I come.

Bare in mind that since this is a remote play you’ll be streaming the game from your PS3 via WiFi rather than running it off the Vita. That means you won’t experience the same level of quality you see when playing it on an HD TV. You will also need to download a patch/update for your PS3 game in order for the remote play to work. They’re usually around 8.5 MB so it ain’t a big deal.

Here’s a sample video to get a better look at it.

As you can see the quality comes and goes and mostly depends on how strong your connection is. It’s not bad and I don’t mind it. Hopefully Sony will expand it’s library in the next few months and who knows, they may even improve the streaming with their infamous firmware updates.

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