Prototype 2 – Preview (MEFCC Dubai 2012)

Prototype 2

This is probably going to be one of the most under the radar total anarchy and addiction game of the year for me! We all barely knew anything about this sequel before we hit the Prototype 2 booth at the Middle East Film and Comic Con in Dubai. To our surprise the graphics have been polished, refined and married with an astounding physics engine (check out the video and see the tendril ability physics effects). Although the game has a promising story, I found myself causing total chaos and hurling people as if it were the world championship for human javelin Bwahhahaha… but seriously, check the game out because it’s not just another sequel that adds 4 more abilities and slaps a new digit next to the old title.

Warning, Prototype 1 spoilers in the video

Prototype 2 + Tentacles = I’ve seen enough abilities to know where this is going!

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