Prince of Persia Getting A Reboot?


Leaked images have surfaced of what could be the next Prince of Persia title. An image found on the Ubisoft forms shows gameplay footage with the text POP_ZERO_2 at the bottom.

 Further images (below) were also found on NeoGaf which show a similar character/setting.

It seems that our new prince may in fact be black which could be interesting–considering how we barely get to play as a serious black protagonist. Of course all of this is my wild videogame speculation running amok. For all we know this could be a new IP or some alpha build sitting in some Ubisoft employee’s hard drive. Whatever it is lets just hope it’s good.

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2 Comments on "Prince of Persia Getting A Reboot?"

  1. mirahsan2 August 6, 2012 at 11:43 PM - Reply

    Reboot Number 2 huh? Well, I like PoP, hope this one is good!