Pokemon series set to evolve in 2013!


According to Japanese magazine Nintendo Dream, the Pokemon series is set to evolve in the coming year. Nintendo Dream received a greeting card from GameFreak, with Junichi Masuda making brief mention of this news.

To me, guessing that the next Pokemon will use 3D effects using the 3DS sounds like a legit and reasonable evolution to the series. I have yet to play BW2, but BW heavily focused on 3D  puzzles(I just mean 3D models not the effect) and the element of the game breaking away from the 2d sprites when traveling around. The 3DS could possibly improve the sense of depth in these segments of the game.

I would also put my money (and my hope) on the game’s Pokemon possibly being displayed as 3D models! why now? Well, the Nintendo Game Cards on the 3DS are capable of delivering 1-8GB of storage, enough to move away from simpler 2D sprites to fully textured 3D models! The 3DS also has enough juice to deliver quite nicely on the graphical aspect.

Mmmmmm, Pokemon Stadium styled battles in a full Poke adventure? That would with no doubt make me run to the store to get a 3DS XL!

Update: I got my predictions spot on!

MyNintendoNews Via Serebii
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