Play as Zombie or Creature in New Re6 Multiplayer Mode


New details have emerged from Famitsu magazine regarding Resident Evil 6’s new multiplayer mode “Agent Hunt”. Gamers will finally have the ability to tear RE characters a new one by taking the role of various creatures from the series. The mode will unlock more levels as players progress through the main campaign. No details have been given as to what creatures you’ll play as but one can assume it would have the traditional ones (Hunters, Lickers, ZOOOMMBIIIES).

While this may not have been the first time gamers took the role of zombies in RE (Outbreak, Operation Racoon City) this will be the first time they can strategize and work together as those other nasty beings. I really hope the Licker is a playable character. I just want to bite Chris Redfield’s head off over and over again.

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