PES2013 first DLC released… twice


Konami have finally released their first DLC for their famous football franchise PES2013. The update features some additions to the online experience and of course, transfers. A new “widget” system has been added to the online mode that eases the way you can find and invite your friends for quick matches. Another addition is the Community mode, where the system automatically selects friends that you have listed in the predefined list for an up-to 8 player match. Anti-quitters rejoice! Konami has finally mended the online mode which now allow users to “quit” a match at half-time. Of course, it will be counted as a 3-0 loss.

There was some news about the DLC causing the game to freeze. Konami have responded to that and immediately pulled back the DLC, fixed it and rereleased it on the next day.

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