PES 2014: A better PES… hopefully


Konami showed us what PES2014 is going to look like on the pre-E3 show. The improved PES will offer true football experience, thanks to the adaption of FOX engine. They’re work in providing such experience is broken down into six elements: TrueBall Tech, M.A.S.S, PES ID, Team Play, Heart, and The Core. The show only touched on three of these elements, but even that was enough to show how the next PES will be hugely different from any other. Well… Hopefully.


To start with, TrueBall Tech is all about providing the player the freedom of controlling both the footballer and the ball… separately. This makes the game much more enjoyable for the football fanatics as it will introduce a “more instinctive style of play.”

M.A.S.S (Motion Animation Stability System) is simulating physical collision between players. It makes the players’ animations as realistic as possible. That does not only mean looking cool, but also making the game more competitive by using collision strategically.


Finally, Heart is all about “capturing the essence of playing home and away.” Basically, it includes “moral and motivation” into the PES experience. The team players’ performance will differ home and away, and they will perform much better as the team progresses well throughout the match.

So far so good, I’d have to say. It looks like the team is working hard on providing a “true” football experience and they are doing it right. We will have to wait a little bit more for more updates.

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