Panta Rhei and Deep Down Showcased


While I am not the biggest fan of Capcom titles, Dragon’s Dogma while stunted was a creative step that actually held my interest. Seeing another game of the fantasy genre being build in unison with a new engine (Deep Down and Panta Rhei respectively) gives me hope that the video games industry hasn’t fully given up on us fantasy fans.

The Game showcased stunning visuals and looked outright beautiful to my eyes. From what little I have seen the game did seem a little restrictive but it could just be my imagination or misinterpretation as very little was actually shown. Having a fantasy game pioneer a new engine and one that looks so stunningly beautiful is something I for one reason or another do not recall whether it is because it has not happened in a long time or perhaps cause I have given up in paying attention to Fantasy games who have ceased to capture my attention…

Well, this one more certainly did capture my attention!

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