Omegalodon Might Be The Best CO-OP Game I’ve Ever Seen


Have you ever wanted to take down Godzilla with friends? Scratch that, have you actually ever wanted to BE Godzilla and eat your friends? Well, then this might actually be your fix. Despite it’s hard to pronounce name, North of Earth’s Omegalodon has me going.  Quirky retro visuals, sandbox environment, and a wide range of vehicles to control. The best part is how you can actually control the Omegalodon and rampage the city yourself. Think of it as one of those 1 vs 3 Mario Party mini games except on a much bigger scale.

Omegalodon is a third-person mutliplayer action game about a giant monster. Human players team up, utilizing a variety of vehicles, abilities, and scripted events to bring down the Omegalodon player as he marches toward the city center to destroy the nuclear power plant.

For some odd reason this game reminds me of Toy Commander minus the toys…maybe the vehicles, I dunno. But seriously, why hasn’t this game been getting enough attention? I sure can see the Earth Defense Force 2017 fans getting behind this. I guess the fact it’s on PC only kinda limits its audience.

Well if you and your buds have 10 dollars with nothing better to do this weekend then buy it here. Oh, don’t forget to greenlight it on Steam. The industry definitely needs more this.

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