No FFVII Remake Until The Original Has Been Topped Off


Yoichi Wada (C.E.O of Squareenix) has made it pretty clear during the company’s annual shareholders briefing that no Final Fantasy VII remake will be made until the original has been topped off. Wada believes that the current state of Final Fantasy games are not achieving the quality standard it should and that if a remake were to be made now it would be the end of the franchise.

I totally dig the idea of making better final fantasy games, but to use VII (a 15 year old game) for comparison is…wow! While I’m a huge fan of Final Fantasy VII,  I don’t think this is exactly fair for gamers who enjoyed the other titles in the series more. It’s also worthy to note that Final Fantasy VII was THE game that would have pretty much made or break the company so that kind of pressure contributed heavily on the final product. Needless to say the company is in a much more stable condition. Maybe another crisis is what they really needed.



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