Nintendo Intends Incorporate Mobile games on the Wii U

Old WiiU pad design

Wasabe came across this interesting piece of news the other day and sent it to me to read. It’s been one of the few gaming related things that we agreed on over the past decade of our friendship and our much shorter time of working together. The Wii U as we stated prior to its launch would fail miserably and could result in Nintendo shifting to cater to Niche markets instead as it had no chance of competing with its two slightly more intimidating competitors Sony and Microsoft.

While I still have a stronger preference for PC gaming than console gaming (and have for a fair amount of time now) I still see the appeal of console gaming. Consoles tend to have gadgets and gimicks that stick around for a while to be worth purchasing unlike the PC gimicks which do NOT get the necessary support to be of any interest to me (*cough* Hydra *cough*). But in so far as the Wii U is concerned, it offered nothing new that could not be found somewhere else (Touch Screen… Tabs… Mobile Devices… Yeah…). It’s hardware specs could hardly be called next gen… More like late 7th generation. So naturally less of the casual population would be interested in purchasing the console for that price since it didn’t offer anything that was not already available in the market. This left the console to be bought mostly by those who where fans of the Wii U and Nintendo as a whole and who where hoping the console would release more of their usual favorites.

That being said the article here stated that after loosing  ¥36.4 billion… that’s basically $5.93 billion. That’s not very good basically, so Nintendo is now attempting to modify it’s console to incorporate smartphone apps to help give its struggling console survive by providing it’s buyers with more incentive to purchase it.

Here is to seeing that they survive… I don’t want anything bad happen to the makers of my favorite hand held consoles.

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