New Mega Man Game Announced But May Not Excite You That Much


Capcom, Y U NO…


Finally, after months of unsettling feelings, Capcom have revealed a new Mega Man game called Rockman Xover. The plot revolves around all the Mega Man’s (at least the popular ones) to date. It will also allow players to create their very own Mega Man to play with. Neat!  While that generally does make any fan giddy with joy it is what comes after that  pulls them down to the hard surface of reality.

It will be an iOS title. The gameplay will incorporate “Social RPG” elements.

Now iOS games are by no means a joke in the industry, but the Social RPG aspect does have me very edgy. For one those games never cross the borders of Japan and even then they don’t tend to gain wide appeal–we all remember what happened to Shenmue.

The visuals are also giving me a serious flashback of that horrible Mega Man X iOS port.

But let’s not dwell on the negatives. The good news is Capcom still recognizes the series (unlike others) and will continue to support the Mega Man IP.

This December will be very important for Mega Man fans as it marks the 25th anniversary as well as a possible announcement from Capcom. Let’s hope that this is only the appetizer to the big meal.

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2 Comments on "New Mega Man Game Announced But May Not Excite You That Much"

  1. Jermaine K. August 24, 2012 at 2:45 AM - Reply

    You know, I really liked the iOS port of MegaMan X. It was nice they had easy mode and the visuals were IMO very beautiful and perfect for the Iphone.