New CryEngine 3 physics shown off with total destruction


A company called BeamNG has popped up out of no where, stating to be a new start-up business from the creators of the Rigs of Rods vehicle simulation engine. BeamNG has also stated they have a real-time version of an advance soft-body physics engine running on CryEngine 3. BeamNG didn’t come to the table empty handed with those claims, but rather with a video showing some impressive vehicle physics simulation. The video they posted shows off some detailed car crashes coupled with precise car physics to display something I have never seen, real-time, in a game before. The closest level of detail to this in a sandbox game is GTA4’s Euphoria physics engine, which made an impressive achievement in physics technology running on consoles. It wouldn’t be fair to compare the two directly, since Euphoria focuses on physics in general, while BeamNG’s new engine is designed to simulate all sorts of vehicles. Check out the video below, to start drooling at the potential of next-gen gaming.



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