Neo Geo Portable Officially Announced!


Remember that portable Neo Geo that was rumored a while ago? Well SNK has just announced that same portable as the Neo Geo X Gold. Now the system will not have a fighting game where King of Fighters characters will fight gold prospectors, but what it will include is a full-size Neo Geo arcade stick, the system itself and a charging dock for the system shaped like a Neo Geo AES system that will also output video in the form of HDMI or RCA. It’s going to be priced at $200 and boasts a 4.3 inch LCD screen, an audio port and a game card slot (And hopefully, from what we see in the picture, a circle pad like the one in the Neo Geo Pocket systems). It’s going to have 20 built-in games, a few of them being Magician Lord, Metal Slug, Samurai Shodown II and many others.

It will be released on December 6 and I feel that this will be more of a collector’s item than anything else but I’m hoping for this to support more than just a few games built-in, especially for $200. Maybe an online store for the system? We can only hope.



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