MGS: Ground Zeroes’ mind blowing footage from PAX 2012


A lot has been going on at PAX 2012 lately and surely, Kojima had to show off his latest Metal Gear Solid game: Ground Zeroes.

The mastermind behind the MGS saga had confirmed that “Ground Zeroes” is not Metal Gear Solid 5; but, it is more like a “prologue” to MGS 5. Interesting! He also confirmed that “Ground Zeroes” will star Big Boss, the father of all Snakes. What really is hard to believe is Hideo Kojima’s concept of an open world. No, not a city. Nope, not a country either. But the whole world! Big Boss can literally call in a chopper and travel around the globe in order to accomplish his missions. Here is the mind blowing 11 minutes footage of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes:

The footage shown at PAX gave us a hint to what happens in “Ground Zeroes”. Apparently, the villain here is from a group called XOF which is obviously the opposite of FOX, with an emblem that looks like FOX’s too. He also called his army “an army without a nation” which somehow sounds like a rivalry to Big Boss’s “Militaires Sans Frontières” or Military without Borders. Also, both PAZ and Chico from MGS: Peace Walker were mentioned. All in all, the footage is absolutely mind blowing!

Oh, did I mention how mind blowing this game looks on the new FOX engine? No? It is mind blowing.


Thanks to GameTrailers, we now have more footage

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