Metal Gear Solid V: Getting the “Phantom Joy”


Shown at the Microsoft conference at E3, the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain trailer was nothing less than extraordinary. As much as we have been convinced that the FOX engine can indeed produce mind-blowing graphics, what we’ve just seen somehow managed to wow us a little more. Apart from pleasing our eyes with the visuals, the content of the trailer gave us a tasty hint on what will happen in the upcoming Metal Gear game. The trailer revealed a series of really, REALLY interesting characters, including: Emmerich (supposedly Otacon’s father), Ocelot, Code Talker, Skull Face (probably the leader of XOF), and Miller! In addition to that, we saw how gameplay has been impressively improved, from adding more ways to sneak past enemies to having dramatic weather changes.

Since the phantom pain means feeling pain in a certain part of the body that is not actually there, I think I can say that the trailer gave us some sort of a “phantom joy.” Meanwhile, enjoy the gallery!

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