Mega Man Legends Community Interview Theme Composer Reika Morishita


While the The 100,000 Strong may appear dormant, their efforts and determination seem to have reached one special person–Reika Morishita.

First, a little back story is in order. Similar to what Utada Hikaru did for Kingdom Hearts, Reika Morishita is known for creating  the Japanese theme song for Mega Man Legends “Your Wind is Blowing”. While the theme song was only available in the Japanese version, Mega Man Legends fans around the world still consider this the definitive theme song for the game (aside from the Flutter theme). The cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3 also did not sit well with her as she really wanted to see the series go on, especially after the cliff hanger. Despite that she continued her love and support towards the series by remixing two theme songs (“Another Sun 2012″ and “あなたの風が吹くから~Your wind is blowing~”). Fast forward a couple of weeks later, the community has finally managed to score an interview with the composer to talk about Mega Man Legends and why its so freaking awesome.

The first thing that surprised her was the scale of the Legends fanbase. Due to it’s presentation, she didn’t think the game would appeal to anyone but the Japanese audience. She was also surprised by how many people actually knew her songs and associated it with the game. Skybane Zero, admin of 100,000 Strong and interviewer, mentioned how this was the best experience he had since working for the cause.

My personal thoughts? It was absolutely amazing! Heck, I would even go so far as to say it was my best experience as a manager of 100k Strong thus far. Morshita-San was every inch as kind as we expected! I actually found myself smiling throughout the entire interview, lol.

What did Morishita-San think?  Well in the beginning she felt awkward but luckily the language barrier became less of an issue thanks to the Jack’s (translator) effort. In the end she felt proud to know about the people around the world love Mega Man Legends for its unique style and freedom. Needless to say she wants to see Mega Man Legends 3 brought back and will continue her support in any way she can.

“Legends never die!”

Make sure to click here see more info and awesome fan art.

You can listen to the entire interview here.

Remix tracks Another Sun & Anatanokazegahukukara ~Your Wind Is Blowing~  can be found here.

Featured image from Legends-Station.

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5 Comments on "Mega Man Legends Community Interview Theme Composer Reika Morishita"

  1. Nurul Amin October 17, 2012 at 1:51 PM - Reply

    We will get this game back. We are getting stronger participants like Reika as time goes on, so we are increasing out team strength bit by bit, and eventually, we will overwhelm that “company” (don’t need to drop the name, hmph) and pressurise them. So its just a matter of time until they give in.

  2. Prince Asbel October 17, 2012 at 4:16 PM - Reply

    Reika Morishita was very kind and gracious. I’d love for her to come to the states, especially Tsubasacon here in WV. I’d still go, but I would go nuts if I thought she would be there.

  3. Lucia Ferrer October 17, 2012 at 6:33 PM - Reply

    We-Will-Have-MML3- Keep goin’

  4. Cloud Strífe October 19, 2012 at 9:36 AM - Reply

    Megaman Legends is the Kingdom Hearts of Capcom! Never lose hope for it! ♥

  5. score October 21, 2012 at 4:22 AM - Reply

    Well said Cloud, it totally is the KH of Capcom. Thank you again to Reika for agreeing to this interview!